Lay down your arms or 65536 Monuments for peace


Collaboration — Installation, Xenos – KIÖR

Site-Specific Installation

This piece was produced in cooperation with Xenos, KIÖR and the city Feldbach for the project Inverting Battlefileds -for a borderless future in Feldbach.

The selected space for the piece is the square around the bus station building, named in 2014 after the Austrian pacifist and feminist Bertha von Suttner. Her conviction and visionary position against the use of weapons of mass destruction was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905.

In her work Lay down your arms (weapons)! she expresses the horrors of war. I took this call, which was still actual, as inspiration to turn the bus station building into a visible gesture for hope in peace and to give voice to the women that names the square.

In a second part of the work, the bus station became the vessel of a playful poetry: in collaboration with the writer Jacqueline Goldberg, I developed a construction game where rotating pieces of wood with fragments of poetry allowed to create 65536 monuments to peace.