Chain Reaction


Collaboration — Public Art, eisenerZ*ART

A series of interventions in public space in the Styrian town of Eisenerz. Collaborative work within the Daily Rhythms Collective—Nayarí Castillo, Sara Gonzáles Novi, Tuuli Sundén, Inka Ylikotila and Hanns Holger Rutz. Commissioned by eisenerZ*ART.

In this collaborative work, the group of five artists continued to develop their concept of “spatial acupuncture”, a method by which interventions are placed in public space that draw attention to (in our eyes) significant details, details that characterise a site even though they might be considered negligible. The interventions range from very minimal forms of marking to the alteration of perception or the insertion of objects and sounds. The title Chain Reaction both points to our working process in which the components are developed in situ and each time responding to the previously created ideas and components, as well as the chemical process—the town of Eisenerz is named after its economy of iron ore mining, historically significant and still performed today, although in the meantime many jobs have been replaced by automation, subjecting the town to a demographic decline. The shapes and materials chosen for our inventions are inspired both by the element of iron and its mineral compounds, as well as the particular texture of an increasingly empty and idle space, questions of time perception.

Each work was develop coming from the idea of one of the artists and developed within group decisions. Castillo was devoted to text and poetry in open space.