Collaboration — Exhibition — Research. A collaboration of esc medien kunst labor and the Daily Rhythms Collective. Invited Artists: Marie Aimetti, Daniela Brasil, Nayari Castillo, Veza Fernandez, Sara González Novi, Severin Hirsch, Kate Howlett-Jones, Maryam Mohammadi, Tuuli Sundén-Uusimäki, Daphna Weinstein, Inka Ylikotila, Meri-Pauliina Sundén.

A system of sublime art interventions. A semantic game of messages, information, notions, ideas of belonging and identity, and references to positive conspiracies developed in an esclab during the weeks before the exhibition. Through an analysis of their own life situations, the Daily Rhythms Collective DRC employs art methodologies to formulate inclusive space models.

This is reflected both in a literal and figurative sense through urban space that is open and open[1]minded. To do this, the artists use a wide range of formats, including interventions in public space, workshops, talks, and round tables, historical research, and publications. In SUBLIM, regular esclabs play a vital role: in continuous exchange, the collective works out various hypotheses and develops their joint installation SUBLIM. This collaborative development thematizes the utopian qualities of a possible future society by creating and testing soft resistance systems against hierarchical structures and the concept of the individual productivity paradigm. The spatial interventions are in part echoes of actions in public space that have taken place in the lead-up to SUBLIM; they are also new works that were jointly developed during escLabs, and produced here. All of the pieces are embedded in the broader consideration of utopia and dystopia.

The exhibition shows a compendium of machines. In this installation, devices mean firstly concrete objects. Still, they are also a way of thinking about abstract construction of context, as described by Sol Le Witt in his text “Paragraphs on Conceptual Art”: “The idea becomes a machine that makes the art. This kind of art is not theoretical or illustrative of theories; it is intuitive, it is involved with all types of mental processes, and it is purposeless”.These machines are not the product or property of one mind, but rather collective constellations of diverse considerations. Devices with at least one unusual gear, a particular, resistant, and queer mechanism go against the norm.

Position in Project: Artist, co-organizer and co-curator, designer, editor.