M.F.A. Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies  Bauhaus University. 2008 Weimar, DE.
M.F.A. Cultural Practice. University of the Arts. 2005 Caracas, VE.
B.A Mixed Media (First class standing) University of the Arts. 2004 Caracas. VE.
B.Sc Biology (First class standing) Simón Bolivar University.2000.Caracas.VE

Working Experience:

2018-2017 University Assistant for research. Institute for Spatial Design. TU Graz.
2018-2017 Coordinator/co-creator, Women*a Action Forum Graz.
2018-2017 Curator,artist and coordinator of the international project “Inverting Battelfields: for a Borderless future”.
2017-2013  Coordinator of programs, publications and Director of The Daily Rhythms Collective.
2017-2000 Independent Installation Artist.
2017-2013 Lecturer for the Institute for Cotemporary Art, TU Graz
2016 Social Media Manager. Kommerz, Graz
2016-2015 Coordinator of contect and programm  for the academic project  “Open Modes Graz” (
2016-2015 Curator,artist and coordinator of the international project “Stories from the Edge”.
2104 Curator,artist and coordinator of the international project “Rose of the Winds: a semantic compass of post-Habsburg Europe”.
2015-2013 Invited Professor for ADRIART consortium.
2012-2008 Researcher Bauhaus Uni-Weimar.

Academic Experience (teaching examples):

2017 Lecturer-Invited Professor.Gestures in micro-resistance.University of Nova Gorica. School of Arts. Nova Gorica, SL.
2017 Lecturer-Invited Professor. New Graz Dinner Party.Institute of Contemporary Art (IZK) TU Graz.
2017 Workshop leader. Draw the Line. OMEGA, Graz.AT
2017 Workshop leader. Switching. Akademie Graz.AT
2017 Workshop leader. Auf Augen Höhe. AAI, Graz.AT
2017-2013 Workshop leader for different projects of the Daily Rhythms Collective.Graz.AT
2016 Lecturer-Invited Professor. Live Action: Creating Roles in Speculative Environments.IZK TU Graz.AT
2016 Workshop coordinator/assistant. Herbst Akademie for Marjetica Potric. House of Open Gates, SH-<rotor>, Graz, AT.
2015 Lecturer-Invited Professor. Scientific Image: Revealing the Work of Art.IZK TU Graz.AT
2015 Guest Mentor. Under the Flag of Displacement. Adriart. Rijeka, HR.
2015 Lecturer-Invited Professor. The Living Archive: On Collecting, Classifying and Remembering in Contemporary Art.IZK TU Graz,AT
2015 Workshop coordinator. Elevate festival for Grand Hotel Cosmopolis and guests.Graz,AT
2014 Guest Mentor. Forecast:turbulence. Adriart-TU Graz-Wegener Center for Climate Data-IEM KUG and IAM TU Graz.
2014 Lecturer-Invited Professor. Food Art.  IZK TU Graz
2014 Workshop leader. Re-tracing my city. UniT Graz.AT
2014 Lecturer-Invited Professor. Building Rainbows.IZK TU Graz,AT
2013 Guest Mentor. Bix-perform. Responsive art in the public realm. Adriart. GRAZ,AT
2013 Guest Mentor. Aquatopia – the children’s research submarine.IZK TU Graz – Kinderburo,Graz, AT.
2013-2012 Workshop leader.  Floating Souls. Kinderburo, Graz,AT.
2012 Invited professor of Conceptual Art. University of the Arts. Caracas, VE
2012 Workshop leader. Installation Art. Chacao Cultural Center. Caracas, VE

Solo exhibitions and Public interventions:

2018 Camrade/Comrade. Graz (AT)in cooperation with KIÖR Steiermarkin * in progress/plan
2018 The transpositional Archive.Graz (AT)* in progress/plan
2018 Inverting Battlefields. Feldbach (AT) in cooperation with KIÖR Steiermark * in progress/plan
2017 Feldstellen*Präzens der Vielen. Square of Human Rights. Forumstadtpark. Graz (AT)
2017 Empowerment Printbar in cooperation with AAI. Graz (AT)
2016 House of Open Gates. Steirische Herbst. Graz (AT).
2016 Observatorium. Art Safiental. Tenna (CH)
2016 Chain Reaction-Zeitlupe. EisernerzArt. Eisenerz (AT)
2016 Mänder / Meander.ORF Zentrum.Steiermark.Graz (AT)
2015 A women born in Vienna that lost her steps on the way.Wiener Festwochen. Vienna (AT)
2014 Rose of the Winds. Three instalations in public Space. Sarajevo,BiH-Trieste, IT-Graz,AT. (PI)
2014 Piñata. AAI Graz, AT. (PI)
2014 Weststeirischen Sagensberg. Schloßberg. Voitsberg, AT (PI)
2014 Garden of Dialogue. Art Project Hotel Cosmopolis Augsburg,DE. (PI)
2013 Postcards From Sarajevo. Evergreen Gallery. Sarajevo,BA. (S)
2013 Aquatopia. Forschungs U-boot. Karmeliterplatz Graz,AT. (PI)
2012 Sound Epigrams. The Box Gallery. Chacao Cultural Center. Caracas,VE. (S)
2010 Smuggling to Paradise. Office #1. Los Galpones Cultural Center.Caracas,VE. (S)
2009 Facing North. L. C. Bates Museum. Hinckley,USA. (S)
2008 Victoria Regia. La Cuadra Gallery. Caracas,VE. (S)
2008 Ndoto ya Jane. Barsheba Kiosk. Mombasa,KE. (PI)
2008 Video diaries: The German Tale. Schloß-Museum. Weimar, DE. (S)
2006 The Word / The Silence. Library of the MH Franz Liszt. Weimar, DE. (S)
2002 Transit. Centre of Latin-American Studies. CELARG. Caracas,VE. (S)

Group exhibitions (Recent):

2018 Graz City of for contemporary art. Graz (AT)* in progress/plan
2017 Schwärmen + Vernetzen. Akademie Graz. Graz (AT).
2016 Stories from the edge. Kunsthaus. Graz (AT)
2016 Stories from the edge. Kortill Gallerja. Rijeka (HR)
2016 Stories from the edge. Galleria ML5. Trieste (IT)
2016 Sublim. ESC im Labor. Graz (AT)
2016 Persecuted, Robbed, expelled. center for contemporary art. Graz (AT)
2015 Into the City. Wiener Festwochen.Wien,AT.
2015 Shifting Constellations. Minoriten Saal. Graz, AT.
2014 Turbulence (cooperation). Forum Stadt Park Graz, AT.
2014 Hof-Biennial 02. Steiermarkhof. Graz, AT.
2014 The Sight of the other. Banesco Collection. Caracas,VE.
2014 Fleeting Imaginaries. CIFO Art Space. Miami,USA.
2014 The artist are present. <Rotor> Gallery. Graz, AT.
2014 PROVITA. Artists for Nature. Los Galpones Art Center. Caracas,VE.
2013 OFF-Line.Triangle Arts-Xerem Association. Lisbon.PT.
2013 Aquatopia. Research Submarine. Karmeliterplatz Graz,AT.
2013 TimeLag. Institute for Time displacement. Graz, AT.
2013 Visual Antology.GBG Arts Gallery. Caracas.VE
2012 Writings Machines. ESC im Labor. Graz, AT.
2012 Formed. Gallery G69.KulturService Steiermark Graz,AT.
2012 Contemporary Dialogues of the collection. Contemporary art Museum Caracas.VE.
2012 History,memory and territory. Mercantil Collection. Caracas,VE.
2012 5×5 Real/Unreal.AAAMuseum. Acarigua,VE.
2012 Writing Machines. ESC im Labor. Graz,AT.
2011 11 Tipos. Mendoza Gallery. Caracas,VE.
2011 Other possible worlds.Casino Luxemboug, Contemporary Arts Center.  Luxembourg, LX.
2011 Corso Aperto. Fundación Antonio Ratti. Como, IT.
2011 Latinamerican Sights – Vídeos. Sculpture Garden. Xalapa. Veracruz. MX.
2011 Ten Latin-American sights. Celaya Cultural House. Guanajuato. MX.
2011 Ela Xpo. Space Wallonie. Brussels. BE.
2011 Multiples. Los Galpones Cultural Art Center Caracas,VE.
2011 Small Scale. La Cuadra Gallery. Caracas,VE.
2011 Graphic-Miniature Biennial. TAGA-CAF. Caracas,VE.
2011 Bicentenary: Ten Latin-American sights. Diego Rivera Museum. DF, MX.
2010 Rondomat. Rondo Atelier. Graz, AT.
2010 Displaced. ArtePuy Gallery. Caracas,VE.
2010 Reverberations. ESC im Labor. Graz, AT.
2010 {Sounding Code}. HBC Gallery. Berlin, DE.


2017 Austrian National Prize for best Cultural Project 2017 with Center for contemporary art.BKA.Wien.AT
2017 Production Grant. Holobionten:schwärmen + vernetzen. Landsteiermark Kulturförderung.Graz. AT
2017 Production Grant. Holobionten:schwärmen + vernetzen. BKA. Wien. AT
2017 Production Grant. Holobionten:schwärmen + vernetzen. Stadt Graz-Kultur.Graz. AT
2017 Production Grant. Inverting Battelfields (Xenos Verein). Land Steiermark. Graz.AT
2017 Production Grant. Inverting Battelfields (Xenos Verein). Östereichisches Gesellschaft für Politische Bildung. Wien.AT
2017 Production Grant. zusammen:wachsen – Kunst und Integration 2016. Inverting Battlefields (Xenos). BKA. Wien.AT
2016 Catalog Sponsoring. (Daily Rhythms collective)Stadt Graz. Kultur.
2015 Stadt-Graz, Art Prize. Working Production Grant. Graz(AT)
2015 Production Grant. Stories from the Edge (Daily Rhythms collective). Land Steiermark. Graz.AT
2015 Catalog Sponsoring. (Daily Rhythms collective)Stadt Graz. Kultur.
2014 Production Grant. CIFO grants and comissions Program. CIFO. Miami.USA
2014 Production Grant.Das Sprachlisches Palimpsest. (Daily Rhythms collective)Projekt fonds. Land Steiermark. Graz.AT
2014 Production Grant.Piñata (AAI).Projekt fonds. Land Steiermark. Graz.AT
2014 Production Grant. Rose of the WindsProject (Daily Rhythms collective). Land Steiermark. Graz.AT
2013 International Film Grant. Steiermark State. Graz, AT.
2011 Bursary of research. Commission for Woman. State of Thüringen. DE.
2011 Honorific Mention. Miniatures Biennial. TAGA.Caracas.VE.
2010 Bursary of research.State of Thüringen. DE.
2009 Grant. Skowhegan Residency. Skowhegan, USA.
2008 Bursary of research. Bauhaus Research School. Bauhaus University.Weimar, DE.
2008 Travel Grant. International Support Program of the Cultural affairs Ministry. VE.
2008 Honorific Mention. Young Artist Contest Pirelli. Caracas, VE.
2005-08 Academic Excellence Scholarship. DAAD. Bonn, DE.
2005 First Prize Reward. 8th Jóvenes con Fia. Corp Group Foundation. Caracas,VE.
2004 First Prize Reward. National Prize Award. 63th Annual Salón Michelena. Valencia, VE.

Artistic Residencies:

2017 Free Home University. Castiglione. IT
2017 Default 17.Ramdom.Gagliano dil Capo.IT
2016 Alps Arts Academy. Tenna. Safienthal.CH
2016 Free Home University. Lecce. IT
2013 OFFLINE.International Workshop. Lissabon, PT.
2013 Public Room. Sarajevo, BA.
2011 Casino Luxembourg Art Workshop.Luxembourg, LX.
2011 Advance Curse in Visual Arts. FAR.Como, IT.
2010 Rondo Atelier. Graz, AT.
2010 HomeBaseV. Berlin, DE.
2009 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Skohegan, USA.
2009 RIA Rural Center for the Arts. Buenos Aires, AR.
2008 Wasanii International Workshop. Mombasa, KE.
2003 Salzburg Summer Academy. Salzburg, AT.

Selected Publications | Reviews in Books:

*López Ortega, Antonio (2017). Nuevo País de la Artes. Caracas: Banesco Ediciones.
*Ramos, Maria Elena (2015).  El Avila. La mirada de todos. Caracas: Playko Editores.
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*Suazo, Felix (2014). Panoramic of Emergent Art in Venezuela 2010-2012. Madrid: Fundación Telefónica.
*Chumnarn,R (2013). Creativity. Bangkok: Creative Thinking.
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*Castellote, Ale (2003). Open Maps. Latin-American Photography. Fundación Telefónica. Madrid: Ludwig
*Boulton, Maria (2003). 21 Venezuelan Female Photographers. Caracas: La laparañona Eds. Caracas.

Selected Publications |
Catalogues and Artist-Books:

*Castillo,N; H.H, Rutz (2018).Schwärment+Vernetzen.Graz: esc kunst labor. *in progress / plan
*Castillo,N; R,Hofmüller. (2017).Sublim.Graz: The Rhythms Collective.
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*Chea-gab,Y (2009). Borderless Generation: Contemporary Art of Latin America. Seoul: The Korea Foundation Cultural Center.

Selected Publications| Newspaper Reviews:

*Titz,W (2015). “Leben im parallelen Welten”. In: Kleine Zeitung. Kultur. (27.01).  Graz, AT.
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Selected Publications | Academics:

*Brasil, D; König, B. (eds.) (2015) Design your free local menu. X Bienal de Arquitetura de São Paulo. Graz: TU Graz Verlag (42pp. eng)
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