Artist statement

I work as independent installation artist focusing on interventions in public space and collaborative/socially engaged art; as part of my artistic discipline I have developed numerous international art projects in the role of artist, coordinator and/or curator. Art publication and experimental documentation are also part of my interests.

In my artwork, I explore space as material by confronting different elements through installation. Using text, objects, photography, architectural solutions and video, my installation work relies on site-specific constructs firmly attached to ideas of travel, “memorialization”, inclusion and dialogue. Most of my interventions engage with history, personal experiences, time and place, claiming a semantic where tools|ideas and devices|forms combine in one discourse.

I approach artworks under two paths:

1/ an individual installation practice, by which I approach problems|concepts by translating long term artistic research into space installations (private, semi-public or public).

2/ collaborations, mainly within different and transdisciplinary collective constellations.

Since 2013 I am also part of the artist group: The Daily Rhythms Collective, a coalition of international female artists that take communication as working tool, creating pieces on sensible cartography and fostering equality, inclusion and discussions on feminisms; within the association’s realm interventions and participation pieces are common.

My projects are all, individually and collectively, developed within a consistent conceptual discipline. All of them approach people, being story-telling and the narration of the personal “unusual” what feeds most proposals. In most of the pieces a careful balance between -fiction and reality – bath the cadence of the pieces.