Hospital of Exile of the series Healings


Technique: Installation, Materials: vinyl golden text, honey, dispenser, Dimensions: Variable

Maëlle Galerie, Paris, FR (2018)

Hopping over lands and reconstructing lost memories, this piece is part of a collection of stories that give the observer the chance to dwell into the Caribbean atmosphere, assimilating its sun and some of its craziness. Using melancholic and intimate narration, the pieces of this series, including this one, intertwined with a personal history of migration, layers of pain, happiness, silence, and horror, su[1]perimposing magic and art to explain the crossing of oceans. These pieces are a sensitive attempt to reconstruct a woven patch, and at the same time, a road to oblivion. In the Hospital of Exile, the com[1]plicated process of metamorphosis during migration dominates; the words healing the movement’s wounds are coated in honey. The exile sounds silent, a primary listening You become a fragment You are threshold Layers are made and palimpsests are built upon your body One day the mouths emit words and not groans anymore The new skin is born: scaled, injured Remains of some adhered old skin Sometimes the scales fall off The Domestication Nostalgia becomes a condition Dangers and cracks become normal The tear of transforming into other The delirium of being another Between bones and surface a metal structure Security The hospital of exile embraces you It pets your keloids Your territorial echoes