Rose of the Winds: A semantic compass of post-Habsburg Europe

Collaboration — Research — Public Art, Daily Rhythms Collective — Commune di Trieste

Intervention in public space

The work consist on a trilogy of public art site-specific installations in Trieste, Graz and Sarajevo. Each part takes the form of an interlinked, quiet (non-) monument on which the visitor can leave subtle traces of their presence. Each piece belongs to the rose of the winds:  a mapping system, a code, a measure, and a circle.

The rose reveals, within each fragment, different and multiple layers of the cities’ historical dynamics before and after the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The historical laminas are juxtaposed on a printed surface that hosts a fragment of a rock. The original great stone was divided on its journey and, like the rose of the winds, can only be seen in its magnificence within the imagination of the observer; each part exists just as the echo of the others. More than a structure, the rose is a contemporary archaeology of trinomial influences.

A very important part of the piece a research blog, that accompanies the work in all its journey.

This piece was sponsor by Land Steiermark.