Footnotes: On the mysteries of mango or making sense of place

Date2015, 2017

Technique; Site-specific Installation, Materials: Plastic collection bags, dried mango pieces, numbered shields among others, Dimensions: Variable

Minoriten Saal, Graz, AT (2015) | Reagenz:Raum für künstlerische Experimente, Graz, AT (2017)

This piece talks about settlement using personal imagery in the understanding of place. A game by which magic and surreal experiences mixed gives fantastic explanations to the question: why Graz?

A dream serves as the backbone of 8 mini-interventions, which one-by-one adds a new level of place awareness. From auto-referential passages and allusions to the history of art in Venezuela, passing through mysterious wishes of my grandfather dressed in typical folkloric attire or “tracht.” To an obsessive collection of dried mango archived during getting used to the city — the piece shows an archive of settling strategies in my new hometown (GRAZ).

It is a profoundly personal piece that requires engagement and reading from the spectator. Between poetry and game, between space intervention and obsession, this piece is an ode to those who traced my aesthetical path.