Date2011 - 2014

A cooperation of Adriart (EU Project) with Kunsthaus Graz. The project was developed by the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Institute of Architecture and Media (TU Graz) with me as invited mentor.

The class was developed around physical interactions with the Bix Façade of the Kunsthaus Graz. Commenting on different communication strategies between the public, the city, and the Kunsthaus, a group of international masters in “Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching” (ADRIART) presented their findings—experiments on participation for the BIX façade.

Four interactive performance pieces transformed the city surface by adding sensible discourses and refreshing the spatial relations with the “friendly alien” context. In a collective cluster with Richard Dank and Daniela Brasil, my work provided information, gave background, and design conceptually the pieces to interact with the Façade. Four projects were produced involving interaction through digital media boards. The relation with the public was essential for the implementation of the pieces.