Postcards of the Post-revolution: Olympic Games

Datum2014, 2016

Technique: Installation; Materials Plastic Elements, snow-water, projected text, jute string; Dimensions: Variable; Adjusted Selling Price 12.000€

<rotor>, Graz, AT (2016) | Public Room Sarajevo, BiH (2014)

Using the cadence of film story telling, I created an archive of video material that communicated with objects, text and other findings, forming a site-specific constellation as a playful exercise of nostalgic perception. I constructed a dynamic set of postcards were magic, history and fiction interacted. Postcards that exalted the healing process that covers Sarajevo city while working and researching on a major investigation on post[1]revolutionary modern aesthetics, which talks about my personal political condition.

This piece is one of the postcards: Olympic games. It tells the story of the nostalgy of the city of Sarajevo for the time before the war, when for once all religions prayed together to have snow to fulfill the necessity of the olympic games. The legend says, that after the prayer thousands of mm of snow came down.